Monday, October 31, 2016


What a hideously miserable Halloween morning -- dismal, dark, and drenched with ruinous rain.

What an appropriate atmosphere, indeed, for this blog's long overdue demise.

Yes, it's true, my Upstanding Outlaws -- whoever you are, and however few -- and all of you drifting by bits of Lurkie-Loo flotsam. There shall be no last hurrah of Halloween highlights, no final fusillade of jack-o-lantern flame fueled traditional TNGD end of spook season salutes, this year or any other year for that matter.

Oh, I'd planned on it, certainly. One last "Honorary Zombie Award". One last "Raising Hell" apartment decoration display, and perhaps a last "Boo's Who" featuring this year's newest additions to our October ornamental-institution inmate population. A final trifeca of "Quest For Horrah" Halloween movie marathon candidates -- or even just a single Quest review, if nothing else (and, yes, it would have been "Creepshow"). I even got the ball rolling with the customary posts about this season's candy acquisitions, our usual display of wedding anniversary artwork, and of the dire doodle I mailed off in the Halloween greeting card to our East Coast coven of younger relations.

Alas, a hideous case of the plague swept through our twisted neck of the woods around early October, blowing out my final TGND Halloween post projects enthusiasm like so much thickly clotted nose candy, further followed by a week long run of depression fueling downpours and morning light muting overcast skies, a cycle which has repeated itself again at October's dying ebb, and I found myself unable to summon the ol' inner devil and get stuff done.

Plus, bullshit football season started, and work had to start scheduling me for early shifts on weekends to help cover game time surges, squelching any opportunity to get any post writing done two days out of seven, expanded to early shifts every day this last pre-Halloween week because one crucial coworker took time off to fly across country and celebrate his belated birthday with his family, and to take his sister's kids out trick or treating (a goal which, infernal ire aside, I can't begrudge him).

For all those reasons there shall be no semblance of any Halloween Blogathon style celebratory send off from TGND, and for one other: I'm tired.

This blog has long since passed on from opportunity, to semi-accomplishment, to rut-walled obligation, to ossified albatross, and it's long past time to throw a rope around its neck, hoist it off from around mine, and let it drop.

I won't delete it, or wall it off behind the tomb walls of "private blog" settings -- at least, not for a while yet. 

THATGALAXYNEXTDOOR's corpse will linger, for the adventuresome and unwary to visit and explore. I may even peek in on it from time to time, to see how many mourners and morbidly curious sorts have been by to pay their respects or to piss on its grave. But this will be our final conversation (one sided though it may always have been).

I'm off, now. To work, and then . . . to whatever else awaits to fill the void in my daily routines. Maybe I'll finally get back to drawing something, or writing something, or both. Who's to say? Not me. I'll keep it to myself, I think.

Fare thee well, my Outlaws, or whoever you were.


- Your Captain (ret.),
Hyla Tracy II


~ fin ~


  1. Mizmstie, why are you just standing there letting this happen? Paddle his ass with a wooden spoon until he blogs again!